Wine Fundraising

Wine Fundraising? Run a Fundraising Wine Drive

So, you’re looking for a new fundraising idea… There’s the standard fund raising ideas: chocolate fundraising, lamington drives, doughnuts, calendars, and so on. Want something different, more appealing? Try a Wine Fund Raiser Drive that can make $250 to $2,500 profit?

No matter what you are fundraising for, a Wine Drive and Wine Tasting can provide a unique and fun fundraising idea. With wine being such a popular product, your wine fundraising is sure to be a success.

We offer an extensive selection of wines for your fundraiser: red wine, whites wine, sparkling wine and port, with a range of prices, regions and wine varieties.

We offer free full-colour labelling for orders of 6 dozen or more. Included in your sell-for price is your profit margin – that’s the “fund-raising” part. At the end of the wine drive, we give back to your fundraiser the total profit amount. This means we’re working within our liquor licencing regulations, so you don’t need to obtain a licence for your Fundraising Wine Drive.

You can choose up to 6 wines, plus a mixed dozen of your selected wines. There is a minimum final order requirement of 6 dozen in total, e.g. of all wine orders from your wine drive combined.

Wine Range Our $ / dozen Suggested Sell-For $/doz Possible Profit/doz
Bronze Range $110.00 – $119.00 / dozen $130.00 – $160.00 / dozen $20 – $50.00 / dozen
Silver Range $124.00 – $141.00 / dozen $144.00 – $191.00 / dozen $20 – $50.00 / dozen
Gold Range $144.00 – $159.00 / dozen $164.00 – $209.00 / dozen $20 – $50.00 / dozen
Platinum Range $162.00 – $179.00 / dozen $182.00 – $229.00 / dozen $20 – $50.00 / dozen

Sell-for prices are suggestions only, you can set your sell-for prices as high or low as you want.

Note: Wine is an adult product. We do not encourage the involvement of children and young people under the age of 18 years in promoting or distributing wine.

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Some of our satisfied clients include

  • BP
  • Telstra
  • Toshiba
  • Bunnings
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Vic Roads
  • Avis

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