Wines, wine hampers, baskets, bags, wooden gift sets can be supplied an Deliverd by Corporate Wine Australia-wide. See examples of our range of wine gifts below….

I saw this on Facebook and it’s quite amusing. my personalised ale name is turners pale badger dodger…….whats yours?

Saw this image the other day on facebook. Had to laugh!

Branded Wine Gifts for Company Golf Day Every year since 2009, Olex (now Nexans Olex) have ordered Custom-Labelled Wine for their company Annual Golf Day. They order a red wine and a white wine. Their branded wine labels feature the beautiful golf course where they play, and their company logo. Wines are given out as prizes and gifts. With only minor changes to their label design each…

This is a great little extract from a wine book published in 1968. It  tells you quite simply how to serve red wine. If you are interested in purchasing some fantastic quality red wine with your own personalised customised wine label then look no further. It’s a fantastic wine gift idea…but if you buy some make sure you follow these old school rules…. 

Stemware shows wine at it’s best – the choice of a glass is mostly a matter of personal choice. The infographic from winefolly below shows all the types of wine glasses and this is a link to a video of how to clean wine glasses….

A great Guide to Wine Colour from the folks at Wine Folly.

I really love this wine label that Kirsten and the team produced for our Big Rivers 2012 Pinot Grigio.They way the green icon matches the green stelvin cap top is a fantastic touch. This fantastic Pinot Grigio is terrific value. Pale straw in colour with vibrant fruity aromas and luscious juicy flavours with hints of apple and pear with a…

Sports club wine – for awards, team gifts, etc Did you know Corporate Wine works with non-corporate groups like Sports Clubs, as well as businesses? We have designed customised wine labels for many various sporting clubs, such as Football, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, and even Dragon Boat teams! These are used for awards for whole teams or individual players and for wine gifts to…

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