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Silver Range @ $210.00 / dozen exc GST

Minimum Order 3 dozen / Bottle size 750mL

Silver-Range-Labelled-Moscato-bottle-&-labelPlease enquire about Special Offers, OR discounts that may apply for large orders. Pricing* includes wine, front label design, full-colour label printing, label application, and delivery of all wine to 1 address in Australia.
* Delivery to multiple or regional areas and credit card surcharges may apply.

Moscato is a sweet Italian variety. Pale gold in colour, with crushed grape, musk and melon aromas. It is a lively refreshing white wine with delicate passionfruit and pineapple flavours, and a hint of muscat grape character. Moscato is “frizzante”, i.e. lightly sparkling, so it has a very gentle sherbet-like fizz that adds a truly lively and refreshing finish to this wine.

On the right is a sample label we created for our Corporate customer, for general-purpose gifts for their clients.

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