Custom-Labelled Sparkling Shiraz

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Platinum Range @ $300.00 / dozen exc GST

Minimum Order 2 dozen / Bottle size 750ml

Custom-Labelled Sparkling Shiraz
Please enquire about Special Offers, OR discounts that may apply for large orders. Pricing* includes wine, front label design, full-colour label printing, label application, and delivery of all wine to 1 address in Australia.
* Delivery to multiple or regional areas and credit card surcharges may apply.

Sparkling Shiraz is a uniquely Australian wine style, blending Shiraz fruitiness and mild tannins with zingy bubbles, and best served well chilled. Fruit from several South Australian regions was fully ripened to get the rich full flavours you expect in Sparkling Shiraz. This wine has a deep colour, with great Shiraz spicy flavours, and soft tannins.

On the right is a sample label created for Ivanhoe East Primary School, by their own designer, for wine sold at both their annual School Fair and in a Fundraising Wine Drive, to raise money for the school.

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